(This video is recorded from a Facebook LIVE session)

Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.
— Brene Brown

As summer is quickly approaching, we're starting to see bathing suits in the stores and pools opening up. I know so many women who dread having to put their bathing suit on. I used to be one of them. Getting in your suit and enjoying the pool should be for all people, not just the magazine people. 

Ultimately you have to DECIDE that you aren’t waiting. This is bravery y’all. This is the "I’m scared shitless of being exposed and for people seeing me and rejecting me" kind of bravery.

But with this bravery comes FREEDOM!

It’s going to feel uncomfortable. Confidence is a choice. It's built over time when you choose to show up. This isn’t about pretending to love your body, this is about CHOOSING to love your body.


Top 5 tips to feel confident in a swimsuit:

1. Find a bathing suit that fits

2. Create a confidence ritual

3. Update your Instagram

4. Take a picture of yourself

5. REPEAT your body MANTRA


The bigger part of the story is that showing up means you are present for life. You dont’ miss it. You don’t let your mind control your life. Freedom is being present without a care of what you look like. When you focus on being fully present you can let go.

Mary Hyatt