Stay Grounded During the Holidays Guided Meditation

I don't know about you, but this holiday season is a little behind schedule for me. 

I just got my tree up last night through lots of sniffles, coughing and nose blowing. 

After an incredible and exhausting week at Tony Robbins "Date with Destiny," my sweet body is screaming at me to slow down and integrate all of the massive cellular change I created. 

But gosh, do I hate being sick! It's a spiritual discipline. 

::slow down...slow down...slow down:: 

Now whether you are running around getting last minute gifts, finalizing your last week of work, preparing for house guests, or simply feeling all the feels... you might want a little support. 

So receive my little holiday gift to you.

My guided meditation "Stay Grounded During the Holidays"


Find a quiet space in your house for less than 15 minutes, sit down, close your eyes and let me guide you back to feeling centered, strong, steady, aligned and grounded. 

This will be the little pick me up you need to get through the next week. 

Until then, sending you so much love, light, joy, and healing during this holiday season.



Mary Hyatt