When we bring presence to our body, we are invited to release and relax any tension we might find.

In this meditation, I will guide you to connect with your body and your breath.

If there is something you wish to let go of, this is the perfect meditation to do it.

Whether that be a fear, stress, anxiety, person, relationship, attachment, thought, belief, habit, or addiction.

Now is the time to loving let go.

I am safe. All is well. I am held and protected. All is working together for my good. I can trust the process. I am safe.
— Mary Hyatt

Release, release, release. Come back to the body.


Sense what it feels like in the body to hold the tension and then release.

Find a quiet space in your house for for about 13 minutes, sit down, close your eyes and let me guide you through fully letting go and releasing whatever is not serving your highest good.

When we can let go of the tension we hold in both our mind and our body we are able to let life love us and energetically move freely.  

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!



Mary Hyatt