EP: 31 - 3 Truths About Feelings

(This video is recorded from a Facebook LIVE session)


Feelings are the key to healing our relationship with food and our bodies and ultimately being able to be fully present to life.

We’ve become so good at numbing our emotions that we’ve lost the connection with how we actually feel. Learning to love ourselves and love our bodies has to begin with being willing to FEEL life.

Many of us spend a lot of time resisting our emotions because we are afraid of what that experience of them will be because we associate the experience of an emotion to what it’s like to experience it after we’ve resisted it because it explodes.
— Brooke castillo

Many of us are taught from a very early age to not feel. “Suck it up” “Man up” “Pull it together” “Get a grip” “Tears are for wimps” “No one wants to be around a basket case”

And so we haven’t truly felt emotions in a really long time.

And so we aren’t familiar with them.


Here are 3 Truths that I know about feelings:

  1. They are just vibrations - they feel real but they aren’t necessarily true. They aren’t you. You might feel depressed, but you aren’t depressed. They are not your identity. They are detached from you. It is how you experience the world.

  2. They won’t kill us - you will feel them and then they will flow. Emotions are like a river...

  3. We have control over them - we are in the drivers eat of our emotions. They are controlled by our thoughts.


We have to choose to let ourselves FEEL.

And ask yourself, what is asking for my highest attention right now?



Mary Hyatt