S2:Ep 16 - 3 Practical Exercises To Anchor Into the Body

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One of the clearest lessons from contemporary Neuroscience is that our sense of ourselves is anchored in a vital connection with our bodies. We do not truly know ourselves unless we can feel and interpret our physical sensations. We need to register and act on these sensations to navigate safely through life. While numbing (or compensatory sensation-seeking) may make life tolerable, the price you pay is that you will lose awareness of what is going on inside your body and with that the sense of being fully essentially alive.
— Bessel Van Der Kolk

Today is the final episode in this month’s topic of BODY CONNECTION.

And today is really about practical wisdom. Now what do we do... HOW do we get back into the body?

Because when we aren’t aware of what our body needs, we can’t take care of it.

We might mistake anxiety for hunger, or dull our senses of phyiscal pain. When we stay disconnect from our body, we can’t make sure that we are giving ourselves what we need in order to feel balanced and whole. We can’t process our emotions if we don’t know what we are feeling, we can’t move emotions through the body if we can’t hear our body’s voice. Staying anchored into the body is one of the key practices of living a life fully alive. 

3 Practical Exercises To Anchor Into the Body

1. Moving The Body

Movement is the gateway to your emotions. Movement helps to release trapped and stored emotions and helps to to flush them out of the muscles and the tissues. Only through moving can we deeply access buried emotions. It’s one of the most powerful tools we can use for our healing.

2 Non-Negotiable Ways to Move Your Body

  1. Walking - Creates movement forward. Walking really helps us to slow down and foster our intuition. Walking really is a kind of meditation. It  helps to regulate our breathing, it’s creates space for our creativity to flow through us, it helps us connect with a concept of a larger world because it gets us out of our small spaces and expand.  

  2. Yoga - Is powerful because of the awareness that it cultivates with helping us tune back into the body’s wisdom. It’s different than exercise. Often times with exercise it can further our dysfunction with the body, it can be motivated from shame, self hatred, and self abuse. But yoga promotes a really healthy relationship with our bodies. Yoga brings us back into the present moment and tunes us into the connection between our bodies and our emotions. It is a way to physically move our emotions through our bodies with postures and breath and process them. It's a much more powerful way even then only trying to cognitively process our emotions.

2. Journaling with Your Body

Journaling puts us in touch with our emotions. It’s a beautiful way to build trust with our bodies as well. Through journaling you’ll learn to learn your body’s unique voice, and repair the relationship with her.

3. Touching Your Body

Simply offering our bodies physical touch is a beautiful way to heal our relationship with it. When we can find an area of the body that is either in a lot of pain or imbalance, an area that feels really numb, or an area that you hate and place you hands on that part of the body and say, “I hear you. I see you. Please forgive me. I love you” it deeply creates a nurturing bond with ourselves.

(For an in-depth conversation about these 3 practical exercises, listen to the whole episode)


Be gentle. This is a new relationship. You are learning to hear and partner with your body. To find ways to release that stored and trapped emotion and that process will look different for you than it does for me, but it will also look different right now than it will a year from now. 

Be gentle. 

Seek to listen. To hear. To forgive. Let your body feel the emotions that are coming up. Hear what they have to say. And work through that so they don’t get stored in the muscles and tissues of the body like scar tissue.

Feeling your way through life is brave, and so rewarding.

And when you can listen to your muscles, your mind, your gut, and your heart a whole new experience of life unfolds. One that invites in more joy, peace, and pleasure.

Books Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Folk

Yoga and The Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope


Place drops in a 5ml roller bottle. Fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to the sternum and the wrists. *Avoid direct sunlight for 12-24 hours after applying as some of these oils are photosensitive.
Combine: 6 drops eucalyptus, 4 patchouli, 3 grapefruit, 1 lemongrass.

“So often we have made an enemy of our body, and it’s not a place we naturally LOVE to connect with, however in our journey of living fully alive - it’s vital that we come back to appreciate the wisdom of our body. The Embodiment Blend invites us to “be in our bodies” - to connect with our breath, our movement, our emotions and physically feel our experience through life.” - Mary Hyatt


6 Drops Eucalyptus: “Oil of Wellness” Encourages us to let go of our attachment to illness and teaches how to claim wholeness and heal.

4 Drops Patchouli: "Oil of Physicality” Supports us in becoming fully present in our physical body and appreciate it’s magnificence.

3 Drops Grapefruit: "Oil of Honoring the Body" Teaches true respect and appreciation for our physical body and encourages a positive relationship with one’s body based on love, tolerance and acceptance.

1 Drop Lemongrass: "Oil of Cleansing” Helps to powerfully cleanse limiting beliefs, toxic energies and negativity in, on and around the body.



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