Own Who You Are, Find Your Voice, And Authentically Show Up





As my mother always said to me, “Mary, you can’t heal your own sick mind, with your own sick mind.” Perhaps that’s why I was never afraid to seek out mentors, therapists and coaches. However, despite my mother’s brilliant point, I believe that we all already have exactly what we need within us to create a life that we want. Our minds are amazing! They just need a little reprogramming. That is why it’s so helpful to have another set of eyes on things. I’ve come to understand just how powerful our minds are and that our thoughts literally create every result in our life. And now realize how vital it is to partner with a coach so that you can gain new awareness and create real and lasting change.

I help my clients become...

AWAKE: to their feelings and stop numbing

AWARE: turning on the light bulb to their thoughts, patterns and habits

ALIGNED: identifying their voice and their desires

ANCHORED: feeling confident in who they are and their lovability.

My clients usually say to me, “Mary I feel numb. BUT SOMEWHERE DEEP INSIDE ME, I KNOW THAT I WAS MADE FOR MORE.” But the problem is, they don’t know how do get from here to there. Perhaps they don’t even know exactly what they want. And they lack the clarity on how to change. They don't know exactly what they are after, but they know it has to be different. Some come to me to work on weight issues, relationship issues, business issues or feel like their life all around sucks. But what they want is MORE. They are ready for something to change and courageously commit to embarking on a journey of creating a life they love.


  • What if you could be unapologetically yourself?

  • What if you found your voice?

  • What if you stopped playing small?

  • What if you loved yourself unconditionally?

  • What if you were confident?

  • What if you knew how to trust your voice with every decision that came across your path?

  • What if your business was thriving with ease? What if you were confident in your body?

  • What if you didn’t need to numb with food, work, alcohol, or online distractions?

  • What if you felt joy and fulfillment?

  • What if you had a beautiful relationship with your partner?

  • What if the sex was amazing?

  • What if your life could be so much richer?

  • What if you were fully alive?


I can tell you one thing. I will partner with you. I already believe in who you are. I know how incredibly resilient, resourceful, and capable you are. I know how lovable you are. I know that you are already enough, right now! I know that you can become turned on for life and feel fully alive.
If you are curious what it would look like to work together and become fully alive, email me below to set up your free 60 minute coaching session.


"To be whole, we must slow down to hear the whispers of our hearts and then create a life that makes it sing."

- Mary Hyatt


Free 60 Minute Coaching Session

The coaching practice is an intimate agreement, and it’s vital that we both experience what it would look like to work together before we both decide to move forward. That is why I offer these powerful 60 minute sessions. In these sessions we will dive into where you are, where you want to be, and what you think is getting in the way. In this session, you will explore what you want out of the coaching experience and get a feel for how I work with my clients. By the end, you will have the leverage you need to decide if partnering together is the right choice.

3 Month Package (6 sessions total)

  • A 2.5 initial coaching session and final session

  • 4 hour long coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Unlimited email support in-between sessions

  • Recording and notes after each session

6 Month Package (12 sessions total)

  • A 2.5 initial coaching session and final session

  • 10 hour long coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Unlimited email support in-between sessions

  • Recording and notes after each session


All Day Discovery Day*

A transformational day of creating the life you were meant to live.

In this 8 hour intensive session, we will work together to design your life and find your desire again. Sometimes this is all a client needs.

Together we will dive deep into understanding what your highest values and priorities are in your life, define how you want to feel, and create a plan to create a life that you will fall in love with.  We will explore the areas that you feel stuck in whether that be your relationship to your body, money or your significant other and I will teach you how to change your thoughts to create new results in your life.

Together we will:    

  • Define and understand your core desired feelings

  • Define what matters most to you in your life

  • Design a compelling and abundantly charged life plan

  • Prioritize getting what you want out of life

You will leave with:

  • An action plan to create a life that makes you come alive

  • A daily check in sheet with your specific intentions and goals

  • Super charged affirmations

  • Highlights and extensive notes from the day

The best part? You just get to show up. In your pajamas if you want to! Everything is taken care of and you’ll be in a beautiful intimate space with delicious gourmet snacks and drinks!

*This can also be formatted into a workshop for a group. Contact me if you are interested in hosting a Self Discovery Workshop.


Group Coaching

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What to Expect

Our relationship together will be professional and confidential. My clients know that I create a beautiful safe and nonjudgmental space to discuss their deepest, darkest fears and bring them out into the open. We will challenge your limiting beliefs and create a new narrative for your life. All the work we do will be geared around finding, trusting and using your authentic voice.

Heart centered. Real. Vulnerable.

And my clients do the work. They show up and create the change. They dig deep. They lean in. And they create amazing lives! I serve as their guide to help them come back to themselves. I encourage my clients, ask the tough questions, and celebrate with them. There will be laughter, there will be tears and everything in between. I absolutely love the coaching process and my clients truly kick ass!